Volunteering can be mutually beneficial


It has been an extremely fulfilling journey working with everyone who’s part of the Happy 3 GEN Fusion Programme. The leadership camp was well organised and i picked up numerous useful skills that I will be able to apply in the future when i am in the workforce. Throughout the 3 months of planning this programme, our primary goal was to ensure the elderly were able to enjoy themselves and i am certain they did especially with the help of all the volunteers. Being part of the team to plan this event has certainly been an eye opening experience and i look forward to continue my volunteering journey with BWS in the future.

Additionally, i am extremely thankful for my programme’s partner, Jacintha for being so understanding and helpful especially since I am currently in school and i have a rather inflexible timetable. She has definitely assisted me and guided me well through this journey. Also to all the other organising committee members, although we met each other for barely two days through the leadership camp, i am grateful for how far we have come as a team. We were able to ensure the success of the event and i will never forget the wonderful experience working with everyone!

Planning a large scale event with no experience is pretty daunting. However i also had the freedom to plan what i wanted for the elderly, giving me a great opportunity to expose myself to the unknown and to test out certain ideas. Also, i learnt that it is important to have back up plans whenever you are planning for an event as there may be unforeseen circumstances which we may not take into account in the first place. I definitely learnt in detailed on how to execute a programme and i look forward to applying these skills in the future!

Submitted by Seng Zheng Feng

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