My journey with BWS begins here


I like how Blossom World Society planned their volunteer leadership development programme. It started with a leadership camp where leadership and project management skills were taught through a mix of lectures and hands-on activities. Then, we were given the opportunity to apply what we have learnt immediately on a project of our interest. For me, it was the Happy 3 Gen Fusion Project.

I was very happy to be the Head of HR. I was glad to have very committed teammates and the project experience with my teammates was good. Patricia and Claudia were great mentors and provided me with guidance in areas that I’m new in and also giving me the space and trust to work on my own as well.

Then, the day that all of us have been working for, for the past three months, finally arrived. Well, not everything went according to plan but I was glad to see everyone in the team took initiative and reacted fast to decisions made on the spot.

It has been an awesome journey for me and I do not intend to end it here. I look forward to my next project with BWS.

To my team: Let’s work together again for H3GF 2020!:)

To Pat: I miss waking up everyday with your flood of messages in my inbox that makes me jump out of bed excited for the day

Submitted by Ng Yi Ling

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