Not a close interaction but a meaningful one


Being in-charge to oversee an event sometimes mean that you have to sacrifice close interaction to ensure the success of the event. Gai-gai project is one of the first project we did after our Youth Leader camp.

The event started off cold. Our volunteers weren't sure on how to break the ice. Luckily they have staff there to assist us. As the volunteers and the elderly gradually open to each other, the atmosphere became really lively. After that, we took the elderly to a nearby shopping center and went shopping with them. The elderly were really happy for having that opportunity. For some of them, this meant something special because they can buy things that their home doesn't offer.

Nearing the end of the event, I managed to interact with one of the elderly. He was very thankful that we brought him to go shopping. I replied with the biggest smile I could.

After the event, I tell myself that even though we didn't do a major event, we managed to brighten up their day. I am thankful for all the volunteers and committee members that took the day off for this event.

Submitted by Azfar Wafa

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