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I think we did well as a team in planning for the 3 Gen Gaigai as we were able to work quickly despite the short amount of time available and the presence of conflicting schedules such as exams and other commitments.

I felt that it was good that we held the volunteer training session at ASH as volunteers learnt how to handle a wheelchair as well as bond with one another and get accustomed to the layout.

While this event might look simpler on the surface as compared to Happy 3 Gen Fusion (H3GF) , I feel that it is just as meaningful as we are essentially doing a similar thing: Bringing joy into the lives of the elderly. If possible, I hope that the duration of the event can be extended so that we can bring the elderly out for a nice walk.

On top of having to spend time to prepare for my exams, an incident also happened at home and hence, I had to miss out on a few meetings. With regards to this, I am very thankful that everyone was understanding.

My Growth/Key Learning area is still in the finance role for this round. While the job scope is similar to the previous round, I realised the importance of having other different roles in the team work in synergy. For example, without the Logistics and Program schedule, it is difficult for me to come up with a proposal letter.

Submitted by Joel Ng


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