Balancing school and volunteer work


Overall, I had a highly pleasant experience during the youth development camp. I gained a lot of insights on personality traits and leadership, as well as programme planning. In addition, i also enjoyed the games and activities and forged a few friendships in the process. During 3 Gen Gaigai programme planning, everything went on rather systematically and smoothly. On the actual day of the programme, i really enjoyed chatting with the elderlies while having a meal together with them. As a facilitator, watching the elderlies enjoy themselves with the volunteers is a heartwarming experience.

Next, I am thankful to my fellow team members as everybody did their part and helped each other out with the planning and execution. The programme would not have been successful without them.

Lastly, I feel that my personal takeaway from this programme is in time management. During the planning of the programme, i obtained a better sense of the right amount of time to allocate to each activity while taking into account other factors like the profile of our beneficiaries, the venue of the activity, all of which could affect the duration of our activities. Also, as i have to concentrate on my studies and plan this programme simultaneously, it has pushed me to allocate my time more efficiently.

Submitted by Richard Wang

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