It All Paid Off


Tasked with the marketing role of CoLOVEful one fine day was the second best and most tiring decision I made with Blossom World Society (first being Cycle & Connect). But still, #noregrets. To be honest, the only marketing I did for CoLOVEful: huART was designing both the event and volunteer poster, and liaising with the photo booth company. However, outside my marketing role, I helped with the programme design with the team and other miscellaneous tasks like coming up with briefing slides and programme flow. I am so thankful for my team’s guidance, advice and encouragement that pushed me to continue with this project amongst my busy external commitment schedule. I learnt aplenty and had lots of fun with the team and planning.


On the actual day of the event, bonding with both the youthful volunteers and enthusiastic elderly, made me glad that I am part of this event and the long awaited day is here. I assisted with logistics, befriended the volunteers to get them warmed up, and engaged the elderly to check how they are feeling. When greeting the volunteers and elderly I received compliments on how meaningful this event was and how Blossom World Society is a commendable volunteer organisation for organising these events. Halfway through the event, I asked an elderly how he liked the event so far, he said he was glad that there are events to occupy him and for the companionship he is receiving. I used to avoid volunteering for events that required me to befriend or take care of the elderly, because I thought I could not relate to them. However after hearing the elderly’s comment dawned on me that sometimes all they need is a listening ear or a friend. I wanted tear but I resisted the urge to cry in front of the elderly and thanked him.


At the end of the event, seeing the elderly and volunteers leave with a smile, filled me with a warm and fuzzy feeling. I was one of the many recipients of an elderly’s generous hugs and another elderly specially ‘drove’ his automated wheelchair around to thank the volunteers and staff. These actions contributed to the sense of accomplishment of planning this event and it felt like all the hard work paid off.


I had volunteers asked me how I got this role (wearing the Blossom World’s black leaders polo shirt) and why I volunteer at Blossom World, these questions reminded me of my intention of volunteering. I answered proudly while commending Blossom World’s effort in nurturing kindness in their youth initiated activities. This was my second time planning an event for Blossom World Society, and despite being tied down by all the commitments attached to planning an event, I believe this will not be my last. Till next time Blossom World!

Submitted by Lua Yue Min


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