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Children Holiday Speech & Drama Camp <渔夫和比目鱼>

  • Blossom Youth Centre 9 Toh Yi Drive Singapore, 590009 Singapore (map)

Blossom Children Holiday Speech & Drama Camp presents:

The Tale of the Fisherman and the Flounder

It’s another routine day out at sea for the fisherman, until he met a fish which seemed to be...behaving weirdly. It was throwing tantrums, making its eyes and mouth look disorderly. Why is the fish acting in this manner? And what on earth is happening to our oceans? Will the fish eventually be caught by the fisherman?

Age: 7-10

  • Date: 27/5/2018 (Sun)
  • Duration: 9am - 5pm (Registration starts at 8.30am)
  • Class size: 25
  • Language of instruction: Mandarin

Camp Features:

  1. Through speech and drama activities, we hope to ignite the potential of children by providing a fun platform for creative expression to nurture their self-confidence, self-expression, linguistic abilities, interpersonal skills, proper moral values like gratitude and care for others as well as teamwork.
  2. We hope to encourage children to be more active participants, possess greater initiative, be more creative and to ignite their passion towards the exploration of the nuances of life and their surrounding environment.
  3. To unleash their creativity through exposure to speech and drama.
  4. To enable them to express themselves by coming up with an extension of the original storyline through puppet making and role-playing.
  5. Performance by children of their own interpretation of their extended storyline.

Trainer Profile: Melissa Leung Hiu Tuen is an experienced drama actor and educator of the arts. She is actively seeking to promote education in the arts for ages spanning from pre-school children to youths in terms of drama lessons. In addition, she is also committed to nurturing future educators like her.


喜悦儿童假日戏剧营 渔夫和比目鱼


日期:27-5 -2018 星期天
时间:9am - 5pm ( 8.30am 开始登记)
地点:喜悦青年中心 Block 9 Toh Yi Dr #01-321 Singapore 590009 (near Beauty World MRT station DT5, Exit C)
经费:$75 (包括T恤、两个点心、午餐、保险、营队证书)


  1. 以戏剧活动启动孩子的本能与天性,在富创意好玩的平台提升孩子的自信心、表达及语言能力,学习人我互动,建立正确价值观如感恩和仁爱,以及团队合作精神。
  2. 提高孩子的参与性、主动性、创造性,激发他们对生命和环境探索的欲望。
  3. 透过剧场的互动与即兴激发创意的过程。
  4. 利用木偶制作与角色扮演的方法,抒发情感,从原本的故事延展。
  5. 小型汇报演出,表演孩子自己改编的故事。


翁惠敏 就读新加坡国立大学戏剧系时,惠敏便参与过必要剧场、戏剧盒和蛋糕剧场的多个演出,并于 2006年成为全职的艺术工作者。作为十指帮的成员,惠敏积极参与剧团〈年度重头戏〉和〈延伸艺工程〉的演出和设计工作。



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