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Blossom Seedlings DiZiGui Camp 2019 (8-12years old)

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Date : 22 & 23 Jun 2019, 10am - 6pm at Blossom Youth Centre

Objective : To promote parent-child communication and family harmony via a fun and exciting birthday party! 

The Power of Love and Respect is Magical!  Children will learn and explore through fun & exciting games and activities. Parents will participate on the 2nd day of camp to make this special birthday party memorable.

Language : Bilingual (in Chinese & English language)

Target participants : 8-12 year-olds


As a child, do you know how much your parents love you? Do you wish that your parents would listen more to you? 

As parents, do you feel disappointed when you expressed your love to your children and it is not reciprocated? Do you wish your children will share more of their thoughts and feelings with you? Do you feel that the sibling relationships among your children are not so close? 

What are the standards for being a good child? How should parents nurture their children so that the family lives in harmony, with mutual respect, and love towards one another? 

In this 2-day camp with a parent workshop, participants will learn the first 2 chapters of The Standards for Being A Good Student and Child (or called The Guidelines for Being A Good Person, or Guide to A Happy Life) written by the ancient sages.

Through dance/song, videos, games, stories, experiential activities such as “Escape Rooms”, we aim to:

  1. Instil positive values 

  2. Understand participants and help them to "de-stress"

  3. Enhance communication skills

  4. Inspire mutual love and respect towards one another 

Children will celebrate their “birthday” on the second day of the camp. They are to organize their birthday party themselves. They need to go through 6 stations to find out (experience) the message The Power of Love and Respect is Magical.