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11th Joyous Learning Grove Children Holiday Camp

  • Kallang Community Club (Boon Keng MRT) 45 Boon Keng Road Singapore, 339771 Singapore (map)
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Beyond Love


2018 童心童愿假日营 ~ 爸妈爱我 我爱爸妈




现代家长的心声:孩子难教、难沟通、情绪容易失控、玩太多手机电玩; 我时间不够用, 怎么管教…


童心童愿2天的假日营将会让孩子和家长体验过程戏剧,透过角色扮演,换位思考,设身处地各种情境,了解对方的立场,反思亲子之间的关系。运用论坛戏剧的方法, 激发孩子和家长在相互尊重下进行有意义的讨论,探索并建立适应21世纪孝行的共同理解与实际行为。


  • 让孩子和家长透过戏剧艺术方式学习
  • 表达内心,纾解压力,促进身心健康发展
  • 开发想像力和创造力
  • 培养敏锐思考和创意解决问题的能力
  • 加强沟通,相互的理解,促进亲子感情



xiao 孝 (filial piety), which consists of reverent, sincere, self-sacrificing, and unconditional care for one’s parents while they are alive and after their death, is one of the basic values of Chinese traditional culture and the basis for the development of the moral person in Confucian ethics. Confucius describes filial piety and reiterates for its importance in creating a peaceful family and society in his book, Xiao Jing, also known as Classic of Xiao. The text was written in 4th-century BCE, showing how filial piety has been a part of Chinese values for a very long time.

However, what does it mean to be filial in the 21st century? How does being filial looked like in the present as compared to the past?

There is no doubt that the concept of filial piety has a significant influence over parenting and parent-child relationship. Parents are concerned that the children today do not practice acts of filial piety despite their constant teaching. Children, on the other hand, are questioning their obedience to parent’s wishes when they are not respected by their parents.


This 2-day camp will take on an active and critical learning approach for both parents and children to rethink what it means to be filial in the 21st century. Using different stimuli and a variety of drama strategies, we aim to inspire respectful, mutual and meaningful discussions with parents and children to explore and establish a shared understanding and practice of filial piety that are essential even today.


Children aged 8-12

Brief Overview of the 2 - Day Camp:

Day 1

  • Children’s Drama Workshop (I) : Exploring the concept of ‘Filial Piety’ through personal narratives and other social stories.

Day 2

  • Children’s Drama Workshop (II): Framing the concept of ‘ Filial Piety’ through personal and collective narratives.

  • Parent’s Workshop: Exploring and Framing the concept of ‘Filial Piety’ in relation to parenting practices

  • Forum Theatre: Parents and Children will be involved as spec-actors during this interactive performance.

Children Drama Workshop

  • 10 & 11 Nov 2018,Saturday & Sunday, 9am – 5pm

  • Kallang Community Club

  • Bilingual

  • Fee: $180, 10 % discount for 2 and above participants registering at the same time. Parents’ participation on the 2nd day is compulsory.

  • Incl. of camp handbook, 2 lunch, 4 refreshment, T-shirt & Goodie bag


Parents Workshop & Parent-Child Activities

  • 11 Nov 2018, Sunday, 9am – 5pm

  • Bilingual