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12th Blossom Children Holiday Camp - An Amazing Journey

  • Kallang Community Club (Boon Keng MRT) 45 Boon Keng Road Singapore, 339771 Singapore (map)

This camp is conducted in Mandarin and English with the intention to help English speaking children to learn moral values as well as improve their Mandarin while Mandarin speaking children will get to learn the contents of Di Zi Gui (The Standards for Being a Good Student and Child) in English and modern spoken Chinese translations.

Participants will get to enjoy a variety of activities, such as recitation, games, role-play, sing along and experiential activities. They will learn and improve both languages through interactions with teachers and classmates, carefully designed activities for fun and stimulating learning, team building and cooperation etc.

Blossom World Children Holiday Camp 2019 for 8 to 10 years old


2019 童心童愿假日营 - 奇异的旅程

8-10 岁的儿童


在这生活步伐快速、讲求效率的数码科技时代, ㄧ般人多追求名利物质享受, 而且不论老少, 人手ㄧ机, 手不离机, 人与人之间缺乏互动连接, 显得冷漠疏离, 互不理解。家庭中也如此。这时代的孩子课业重, 压力大, 平日以课业为主, 生活自理能力弱, 沉迷虚拟世界, 变得以自我为中心, 与人互动的能力也减弱, 小小心灵就积压了许多情绪。

奇异的旅程会让孩子用轻松有趣的方法学习谨慎恭敬对待人事物,珍惜时间, 讲究诚信,做事井然有序, 口出好话实话,真诚守信。特别安排让孩子认识自己的情绪, 抒解情绪, 学习接纳自己, 理解他人。

假日营第二天的家长讲座除了《弟子规》的内容, 也让父母亲并更认识孩子内心的想法感受,学习改变亲子间的沟通。最后特别安排亲子活动, 拉近彼此间的距离, 让父母亲和孩子一起走完一个不一样的快乐学习旅程。

  • 日期 :23/11/2019 & 24 /11/2019
  • 时间 :9am – 5pm
  • 地点 :Kallang Community Club
  • 人数 :60
  • 媒介语 : 中英双语
  • 营队收费: $180


Camp Synopsis

In this fast-paced, digital world which values efficiency above all else, most people engage in the pursuit of material wealth. Regardless of age, most people are inseparable from their cellphones. Hence there is a lack of personal interaction and widening gap between people which results in a lack of understanding. This is also present among family members. In this generation, children are also burdened with lots of schoolwork and stress. Their lives basically revolve around their schoolwork, and this causes them to be less adept at managing their overall personal lives. They tend to seek solace and comfort in the virtual world, cutting off interactions with the external world, resulting in a lot of negativity accumulating within their young minds.

This unique journey enables children to learn how to deal with their encounters in life, manage their own time, complete tasks systematically, speak properly and honestly to build trust with others. Special arrangements will be made to allow them to get in touch with their emotions, learn how to express them properly, learn to accept themselves for who they are and to understand the perspectives of others.

On the second day of the camp, not only can parents learn about the content of the Chinese Classics, they can also learn more about how their children think and feel, and in the process, learn how to improve their communication styles with them. Lastly, there is also a specially arranged segment to enable parents and children to narrow the gap between them and complete a totally unique and joyous learning journey together.

Children aged 8-10

  • Date: 23/11/2019 & 24 /11/2019

  • Time: 9am – 5pm

  • Venue: Kallang Community Club

  • Target No. of Participant: 60

  • Language: Mandarin and English

  • Fee: $180

*It is compulsory for parents to participate on the 2nd day of the camp, 1.30pm – 5pm.